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A Better Walker features patented angled forearm support to hold users upright, supporting better posture. This is a key difference found only in A Better Walker.


A reversable design to increase comfort, stability and mobility. Based on individual preference and terrain, the walker can be used with the frame in front or in back of the user, allowing for multi-directional movement and turning in place.

A Better Walker features a light yet sturdy frame weighing approximately 21 pounds. It quickly and easily folds for storage and transport.

A Better Walker is adjustable and fits a range of heights and body types from approximately 5' – 6’.

A Better Walker has a strong aluminum frame that supports users up to 300 pounds.

         (don't try this at home)

A Better Walker has a roll speed controller that makes it so the user or caregiver can set the friction on the wheels to control the user’s pace. This is especially helpful for those with conditions like Strokes, MS, Parkinson’s and ALS. Where a conventional walker could get away from them and contribute to falls.

It’s locking dual hand breaks offer safety and stability when standing or changing positions, including standing from the walker’s built in, foldable seat.


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